ISDD Testing Hub

Our IT testingĀ  offering covers activities from test analysis, test management to actual delivery. We are ready to support you on site or in “as a service” mode including nearshoring. We cover manualĀ  as well as automatic testing. White/grey/black box testing. Fell free to approach our ISTQB certified personnel.

Back office process automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) aims to automate administrative processes in the companies using software ā€œrobotsā€ to speed up, decrease deficiency rate and economize execution of repetitive processĀ  steps performed by back office personnel.Ā  Advancement in document-digitization inside organizations as well as towards customers, supply chain ecosystem and state institutions paved a way to automatic document processing, classification, content extraction and data feed to internal systems (CRM, ERP etc.). The role of employee is reclassified from process execution to supervision through defined GUI and continuous machine learning in case of more complex tasks.

The examples of use case include invoice OCR and data extraction to ERP, automated processing of insurance claims, legal documentation in the AR collection/dunning process. The solutions use OCR technology, machine learning and in some cases also AI.

We are able to tailor our solution to your specific process needs.


We have over 15 years of experience in large telecom projects. Our specialized teams are able to develop even the most demanding solutions.

  • web and mobile self-care
  • customer relationship management
  • inventory management
  • data mediation
  • customer provisioning
  • accounting, billing and payments
  • interconnect
  • provisioning
  • mediation
  • data warehousing
  • business intelligence

Financial sector

In addition to the custom software development, including mobile applications, we also supply data warehousing, business intelligence and solutions for business processes. Considerable portion of our operations consists of developing projects for banking and insurance industries. Our service portfolio also includes micropayments processing and solutions for custom payment systems.

  • custom software development
  • micropayment and SMS solutions
  • data warehousing and business intelligence
  • enterprise application integration
  • mobile applications development

Public sector

Our experts are involved in project management and consultations of IT projects for public administration (PA).

  • project management in the PA environment
  • assessment and planning of long-term architecture
  • ensure compliance with European and Slovak legislation and with PA standards
  • collection and formulation of business requirements
  • business process modeling
  • preparation of detailed specifications for PA projects

Industrial analytics

We provide advanced analytic solutions for our customers. Since collection of the data in companies is growing, they should be bringing added value to business, not to cause only additional expenses with archivation. Thanks to modern knowledge of data science, inspired by the best practices worldwide we discover precious concetrated information in data. Hence we help to innovate our clients and bring them system advantage within their competition. We can help with decision-making based on facts, more than based on intuition and individual feelings. Offered services:

  • Various predictions including predictive maintenance
  • Root cause analyzes of poor quality
  • Computer vision as substitute for human eye
  • Big data analytics inĀ Industry 4.0
  • Search for complex connections
  • Optimization of production and logistics
  • Fraud/Scam prevention
  • Customer / employee retention and leave
  • Software integration of analytic findings into existing systems of customer

Intelligent systems

Our know-how enables us to supply specialized solutions for the deployment of intelligent systems using complex data analysis. We cover expert knowledge of various platforms and industries with our specialized teams of experienced architects, consultants, analysts and developers. Combining computer science with our knowledge of engineering, we are able to design, prototype and put into operation a complete IoT solutions.

IoT Business Hub

IoT Business Hub is a universal platform, for your data from any IoT devices transmitted through any IoT network of any operator with easy integration to your systems. It contains module for deployment and management of IoT devices themselves and data visualizations.

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