Dunning & Monitoring system


  • Integrated Dunning and fraud prevention Monitoring system
  • Covers whole dunning process according rules specific for a target provider
  • Implements fraud prevention and monitoring based on customer’s behavior


  • Improving the collection of penalties and payments for invoices
  • Fraud prevention and monitoring
  • Improvement of customer’s payment discipline
  • Reducing amount of penalties and undercharges
  • Fully automated system reduces human time/costs

DuMon (Dunning and Monitoring) system provides mechanisms for monitoring subscriber’s spending activities according defined business rules as well as customer’s payment discipline.

Globally, DuMon is a state machine and is responsible for creating and managing groups of customers/subscribers at different stages of dunning. Each group has defined different rules and has defined different actions.

DuMon uses following systems and data bases to ensure necessary functionality and perform actions:

  • Ledger – monitoring invoices (unpaid, delayed) and penalties
  • DWH – checking defined limits of spending services
  • HLR – suspendation/disconnection
  • Communication GW – email/SMS communication
  • Print – communication via post office (regular mails)
  • DuMon provides GUI for overview of dunning and related financial data

Dunning module

  • Covers whole process of communication with customer to ensure the collection of account receivables (SMS, e-mail, regular mail)
  • Receives events from the Monitoring module and puts customer into dunning process according defined rules
  • Invocates Disconnection module for suspend/unsuspend or disconnection
  • Issues and handles penalties

Monitoring module

  • Monitors activities at subscriber and customer level:
  • Invoices and penalties
  • Fraud prevention at Service usage – spending limits
  • Fraud prevention at payment discipline
  • Sends immediate notifications towards to subscriber via SMS/email

Disconnection module

  • Communicates with HLR
  • Temporary suspendation for subscriber and/or subscriber services
  • Full suspend of subscriber

Centralized dunning process

  • Dunning process is centralized within single subsystem with defined rules and actions
  • Automated suspend/unsuspend and disconnection
  • Automated monitoring of ledger data
  • Automated monitoring of service usage

Finance control and overview

  • Overview of finance data in terms of unpaid/delayed invoices
  • Automated issuing and handling of penalties

Communication with customer

  • To prevent frauds and avoid undercharges
  • Notifications of exceeding spending limit
  • Notifications according customer’s behavior based on defined rules