Notification Engine

Notification Engine has been developed to help with a trending effort seen in many customer support departments:  Provides a complex and comprehensive view of important interactions with customer

This is valuable for two reasons:

  1. It makes customer care better and more effective
  2. It provides benefit for a customer

The role of Notification Engine in this effort is to provide a solid notification platform which enables standard and configuration driven approach for notifying customers (and other interested recipients) about their interactions with company’s business processes.

Key benefits

  • Increasing the standard of customer care
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and convenience
  • Reducing the number of calls to the customer service line
  • Making direct sales more effective

Key principles

  • Notification Engine is a component used to notify a variable set of recipients (e.g. customers, business users) about the events they are interested in
  • It handles notification events raised by many processes and applications. Notification events are usually triggered by business events (e.g. Order registered) which are bound to customer
  • Based on its complex subscription and configuration model, it breaks classic “send SMS” approach.
  • So basically, raising notification event means – Notify whoever is interested in this event in way which he/she prefers (Email?, SMS?, both?) using central event configuration (e.g. which notification text should be used?)
  • Event related configuration is stored centrally in Notification Engine DB and is manageable by business users using GUI at one place. It allows a comprehensive point of view on notification configuration
  • Notification Engine stores information about every single processed notification event, therefore it allows central evidence of notification based interactions with recipients (e.g. customers). Notification history can be exposed to the interested consumers (CRM system,…)