Biometric Electronic Sign system


  • Biometric Electronic Sign (BE-Sign) system – enables to sign transactional (sales) documents by customers using biometric electronic sign
  • Signing is done directly at the shop using table or pad, biometric-electronic signature is stored for a future usage
  • Documents are stored and archived in e-form with possibility to print and/or sent via email to customer


  • Accelerates the sales process
  • Saving costs for paper and archiving – documents are stored in e-archive
  • Prevents frauds using customer’s secure biometric signature

Transactional document generation

  • centralization and template layout control
  • sales application is responsible only for providing dynamic data
  • PDF-Generator is responsible for layout, static texts and placement of sign places

Sign metadata collection

  • Identification of identity that will sign documents
  • multiple identities supported
  • creation of signature sample (SOFTPRO – SignBase)

Document sign

  • one sign after whole sales process
  • using pre-integrated SOFTPRO – SignDocWeb
  • verification against signature sample – fraud prevention
  • backward notification of sales application about sign form

Document send

  • encrypted ZIP to email + password by SMS

Document archivation

  • based on indexing metadata

Key components

  • E-Sign – Java (Wicket) + Oracle PLSQL (identities data, templetes metadata, configuration)
  • PDF-Generator – Java + Oracle PLSQL (templates)
  • E-Archive – Java + Oracle PLSQL (indexing documents, documents could be on separate storage)
  • SignBase – SOFTPRO solution (database of sign samples + WS)
  • SignDocWeb – SOFTPRO solution (PDF sign + certificate), browser pluggin needed