Mobile Buddy


  • “Umbrella” application – covers many native applications
  • Available on most widespreaded handsets (powered by Android, iOS)
  • Offers unified authentication to embedded apps


  • All-in-one concept
  • Campaign management – due to automated recognition of customer (tailored for telco operators)
  • Offers possibility to promote new apps and/or services of operator

MobileBuddy features

  • Contains crossroad for other applications or links to specialized web/mobile portals
  • Centrally managed content via Publish tool (no need to reupload app again when content changes)
  • Provides unified authentication for all integrated applications (using ISDD IdP solution)
  • Contains targeted campaign (thanks to authentication)
  • Multiplatformed (Android, iOS, Symbian, WindowsPhone8)
  • More than 200.000 active installations in Orange Slovakia (OrangeGo installation)

On-demand install

  • Once the application user wants to launch is not installed, MobileBuddy app opens store and offers installation

Responsive design

  • All linked web/mobile portals are built in responsive design making it available on all mobile devices in best quality

Targeted campaigns

  • Thanks to authentication mechanisms we are able to show appropriate banners to customer (e.g. offer for renewals, selection of VAS services based upon customer’s behavior etc)
  • Campaigns are managed by external CampaignManagementSystem

Mobile Selfcare

  • Consumption measurement (calls, data, messages)
  • Detailed activity list (calls, data, messages)
  • Account management (VAS services, Invoices, Payments)

Mobile E-Shop

  • Optimized for use on mobile devices, connected to main Product catalogue of operator
  • Live TV streaming
  • SMS-based micropayments (mass transport, parking)


  • Automatic – based on information taken from 3G network
  • Manual – entering SN + SMS Token or email/password
  • Information is then provided to all embedded apps

Publish Tool

  • Define & manage content of application including
  • It’s graphical representation (icons)
  • Eligibility through platforms (e.g. some content is displayed only on iOS whilst other only on Android)
  • Links to stores for each application
  • IdP identifiers for application (needed for integration with IdP)
  • Different URL’s for web and mobile versions of linked applications – com vs (if the portal dos not support responsive design)
  • View usage statistics of application
  • Bulk content preparation & versioning (when doing massive planned rollouts of content)

Developed in 2013

  • Multiple versions available – Android, iOS, WindowsPhone8, Symbian
  • Server side – SOA standardized WS on Oracle Weblogic and Tibco BW
  • Management application – built in Typo3 CMS/framework
  • Backend – Oracle DB