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All you need for Smart metering of anything you work with.

Smart Metering solution using IoT devices decreases costs, offers additional information of spending patterns, consumption trends, peaks as well as basis for consumption prediction. Data relevant for utility company as well as consumer.
Precise measurement in real time enables sources of possible waste and fraud.

Our solution offers all the ingredients for fully automated data collection through IoT network:

Independence from the IoT network

Device management

Independence from device type

Data management

Market standards




Smart metering

The basic entity of our solution and smart sensor collects data from water meter and transmits the data through IoT network in the pre-set time periods. Apart from actual consumption the data set contains information on signal strength, time stamps, identification of IoT gateway etc.

Its installation is performed using mobile app which registers the device to IoT business Hub and configures it. GPS coordinates are automatically stored for each installation. After successful completion the devices starts to send data from measurements.

IoT Business Hub offers to show the date in its visual portal or sends them for further processing to upstream systems (e.g. ERP).

Having the IoT smart meters deployed to key water pipeline hubs the solution offer insights to potential waste or fraud candidates by comparing the water flowing in the pipeline system (production) and water being measured at consumption points or major hubs. Through detailed analytics of gaps, the systems helps to identify areas causing anomalies.

Business Hub

  • IoT devices administration and their geographical visualization on the map
  • Automatic data receipt from IoT devices and translation for further processing and visualization, monitoring etc.
  • Capturing of additional information on the device performance and history of measured consumption data
  • Common authorization and authentication policy through SSO (definition of roles and accesses with potential integration to existing user management like AD, LDAP)

The portal of IoT
Business Hub

  • Shows data regarding IoT devices, transmission history, frequency, quality etc.
    Shows actual consumption data from consumption points, relevant statistics of consumption (by week, month etc.), consumption patterns etc.
  • Shows aggregate graphs, statistics for anomalies detection, outliers, consumption predictions at given granularity, identification of possible frauds or accidents
  • Solutions for smart metering, fraud and defect management, building energy efficiency metering, reporting and visualizations

How it works

How it works

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