Industrial analytics

We provide advanced analytic solutions for our customers. Since collection of the data in companies is growing, they should be bringing added value to business, not to cause only additional expenses with archivation. Thanks to modern knowledge of data science, inspired by the best practices worldwide we discover precious concetrated information in data. Hence we help to innovate our clients and bring them system advantage within their competition. We can help with decision-making based on facts, more than based on intuition and individual feelings. Offered services:

  • Various predictions including predictive maintenance
  • Root cause analyzes of poor quality
  • Computer vision as substitute for human eye
  • Big data analytics in¬†Industry 4.0
  • Search for complex connections
  • Optimization of production and logistics
  • Fraud/Scam prevention
  • Customer / employee retention and leave
  • Software integration of analytic findings into existing systems of customer