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IoT solutions for everything that smart city needs
– meteo metering, smart parking or waste management.

Quality of air in the cities is gaining increased focus from states, city management, various focus group/NGOs as well as citizens. Municipalities are looking for solutions to continuously measure selected values that represent air quality and its development covering focus areas in the cities.  Apart from info on status of air in particular place, the municipality management can use the data for strategic planning in the area of urban development, transportation and overall environmental measures for fighting the climate change. Open data policy requires access to the data also to citizens, NGO’s or other 3rd parties through city web.

Smart Meteo Management

Solutions using IoT business hub enables disbursement of IoT meteo devices and automatic collection of required data. These include CO2, SO2, NO2, air dustiness, temperature, moisture etc. Data is collected through low energy IoT network and is made available through visualization interface to employees of municipality with analytics on trends, root cause analysis etc. Selected data is automatically published on city web site.

METEO devices operate independently from energy source with combination of own batteries and solar panels.

The role of IoT
Business Hub

IoT Business Hub serves as a platform for deployment and management of IoT devices in the field (enabling analytics of their functional performance), collection and visualization of measured data, their further processing and sharing in the IT ecosystem.

It can serve as a general IoT platform for the city for deployment number of other IoT devices in the city e.g. for Smart parking, waste management with corresponding visualization interfaces. The solutions enables various configurable alarm settings – automatic notification generations (e-mail/SMS) to target groups when a given measured value reaches certain limit.

How it is work

How it works

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