Privacy policy

These privacy conditions are valid as of May 24, 2018.

We care about protecting your privacy. Therefore, please read these privacy statements carefully (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”). 

These Privacy Terms describe in detail how we acquire, use, store and – where applicable – disclose your personal data in individual activities of the ISDD plus s.r.o. If you have any questions or requests regarding privacy, please contact us at

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the used terms have the following meaning:

“Personal Data” means all personal data relating to a specific living person who is identified or through this data could be identified and managed by ISDD plus for some of the purposes listed in these Privacy Policy.

“Controller” means a specific person who determines the purpose of managing Personal Data and is I.S.D.D. plus in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Processor“ means a person other than the Controller in a given case who on behalf of the Controller handles Personal Data.

“GDPR“ means Act 18/2018 Coll. on personal data protection and on the change and the amendment of particular acts and regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

I.S.D.D. plus manages your Personal Data in accordance with GDPR and Law No. 18/2018 Coll. on the protection of personal data and on amendments and supplements to certain acts.

1. What personal information do we collect about you?

1. Personal Information You Provide Us:

You provide us with personal information if:

  • a.) you decide to fill out and send data in contact form for submitting your materials to the selection process on our website;
  • b.) you decide to contact us via e-mail;

You provide any Personal Data to us on a voluntary basis, and you are willing to consider the extent to which you provide such Personal Data. However, without providing selected Personal Data, I.S.D.D. plus cannot respond to your initiative or request for work.

You are responsible for the accuracy of provided Personal Data that I.S.D.D. plus shall be relied upon. I.S.D.D. plus is not liable for any damages that you or any third party could incur in connection with the misconduct or untrue Personal Data.

2. Personal information we collect from your use of the site

I.S.D.D. plus may also obtain data that allows you to identify yourself indirectly. These are mainly the following:

  • a.) information and data from devices that you use to access a page that may include general information about your device;
  • b.) data-logs that represent data and information that our servers automatically store every time you access the page (especially the IP address, access time, hardware and software data you use, number of clicks, pages you provide or their number) and time you spend on the site and others);
  • c.) information about your use of the site;
  • d.) information obtained through cookies and other monitoring programs you use including cookies of our partners social networks providers;
  • e.) information obtained by possible action-user users after clicking on the advertising banner or link, and also information on sites on third-party sites (such as search engines and social networks);
  • f.) information obtained through your social plug-ins provided by third parties.

The abovementioned data does not, by itself, allow the identification of a specific living person. The abovementioned data becomes Personal Data when assigned to a specific ID of living person, e.g. in the case of using the page with the assigned user account.

3. Personal information we collect from third parties

I.S.D.D. plus may also obtain Personal Data from third parties and combine this Personal Data with Personal Data that I.S.D.D. plus received from you. These are mainly the following Personal data:

  • a.) data from providers of social networks (Google, Facebook) if you have decided to set up your user account through the services of these third parties. In this case, the guide to the network (Google, Facebook) will ask you to give a Declaration of Personal Data and based on this consent, this Personal Data shall be carried by the operator of the relevant social network (Google, Facebook) will provide ISDD plus.
  • b.) for the purpose of SSO login via social networks (facebok, google, ….) we gather data as follows: Facebook user ID, Google user ID, e-mail, name, surname.

2. How do we process your personal data?

I.S.D.D. plus as the Controller manages your Personal Data to the extent and in accordance with these Privacy Policy and for the purpose stated lower in these Privacy Policy. I.S.D.D. plus manages your Personal Information to the extent that you have completed the individual fields of the Regulatory Form and provided the Personal Information to the Company.

3. Response to questions, requests, questions

I.S.D.D. plus manages your Personal Information: the name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number and any other data you choose to provide through online forms or an email for the purpose of contacting you as well as for the purpose of extracting your questions, requests or inquiries or to engage in other activities in connection with your question, request or inquiry.

Your Personal Data will be processed for as long as is necessary to answer your question, request or inquiry, or as long as other care is taken in connection with your question, request or receipt, but not longer than 1 year.

4. Processing of requests related to the rights of the persons regarding GDPR regulation

I.S.D.D. plus manages your Personal Information in amount of the name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number and any other data you choose to provide through online forms or an email for the purpose of examining, judging, executing Your activities, equipment, and information to you concerning the processing of your request concerning rights under Articles 16 to 22 of the GDPR.

In this case, the legal basis for the handling of Personal Data is the fulfillment of our lawful offenses.

Your Personal Data will be processed and stored for 10 years from the date of application.

5. Right to be forgotten

In Article 17, the GDPR outlines the specific circumstances under which the right to be forgotten applies. An individual has the right to have their personal data erased if:

  • The personal data is no longer necessary for the purpose an organization originally collected or processed it.
  • An organization is relying on an individual’s consent as the lawful basis for processing the data and that individual withdraws their consent.
  • An organization is relying on legitimate interests as its justification for processing an individual’s data, the individual objects to this processing, and there is no overriding legitimate interest for the organization to continue with the processing.
  • An organization is processing personal data for direct marketing purposes and the individual objects to this processing.
  • An organization processed an individual’s personal data unlawfully.
  • An organization must erase personal data in order to comply with a legal ruling or obligation.
  • An organization has processed a child’s personal data to offer their information society services.

However, an organization’s right to process someone’s data might override their right to be forgotten. Here are the reasons cited in the GDPR that trump the right to erasure:

  • The data is being used to exercise the right of freedom of expression and information.
  • The data is being used to comply with a legal ruling or obligation.
  • The data is being used to perform a task that is being carried out in the public interest or when exercising an organization’s official authority.
  • The data being processed is necessary for public health purposes and serves in the public interest.
  • The data being processed is necessary to perform preventative or occupational medicine. This only applies when the data is being processed by a health professional who is subject to a legal obligation of professional secrecy.
  • The data represents important information that serves the public interest, scientific research, historical research, or statistical purposes and where erasure of the data would likely to impair or halt progress towards the achievement that was the goal of the processing.
  • The data is being used for the establishment of a legal defense or in the exercise of other legal claims.

Furthermore, an organization can request a “reasonable fee” or deny a request to erase personal data if the organization can justify that the request was unfounded or excessive.

You can make a request for erasure verbally over the phone or in writing providing information as stated in the following form Right to erasure request form.pdf.
Please fill and sign this PDF form and send it to our address or email stated bellow in the Contact us section.

6. Change of terms

  1. We are authorized to modify these Privacy Terms at any time.
  2. If we make any changes to these Privacy Policy, we will place the new Privacy Policy on the page and, if necessary, We will also inform you about privacy by using e-mail.
  3. The Privacy Policy changes thus amended shall be valid and effective from the date we determine as the date of their validity and effectiveness and use, by each visit you agree to these new Privacy Policy.

7. Contact us

If you have questions or requests about these Privacy Terms, or would like to withdraw your consent or exercise your rights, please contact us via e-mail message to the e-mail address Or you can use any of other contacts for your convenience: I.S.D.D. plus, s.r.o., Trnavská cesta 106, 821 01 Bratislava 27, Slovak Republic; +421 2 5827 5800.