Internship in ISDD

Internship in ISDD
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We have noticed recently initiatives of young IT professionals in area of promoting various jobs and internships for their fellows. Thumbs up for such an active approach! So we decided to help a little bit. ISDD Internship was born.

We support students with various activities such as part-time jobs, lecturing on STI (but we would enjoy to come to your school too!:), infostand on Night of Chances, or sponzoring of beania (student ball).  This was new, though. One of our Tech-Buddies has prepared study syllabus with practical case studies. All set, we welcomed Matej.

“I have been as intern in your company for 3 weeks and this was my first experience in IT sector. Since I plan to study programming on Uni and to make it my living later on, I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Thanks to this experience I had found out, how software company works, also a lot about databases, programming in PL/SQL and creation of webs. What I missed, was  first hand customer experience.

Great staff had been around all the time and they do have a family atmosphere in here. I would like especially thank to Janka Scalzi, Rado Vdoviak for being available for me during my stay and Erik Zimka for being my Tech Buddy. :)”

Matej Pakán  

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