Company educational system in ISDD+

Company educational system in ISDD+
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For several years we’ve been having the learning culture in our DNA. Since the IT sector is very dynamic and fast changing environment, we are always up to date to bring new ideas into education for our colleagues. During the past year, we had worked on interesting projects with usage of modern technologies. Some of our smart colleagues were kind enough to share their knowledge and spread the know-how throughout the company audience. In 2018 we bring more than 15 courses, 7 of them already lectured by our seniors and consultants. We consider learning as an essential for people development in ISDD+ and we give the opportunity for every our colleague (who is willing to learn).

Hot topic to discuss was certainly the GDPR, which is really on hype these days for whole market. We have helped with implementation for several of our clients. Also, microservices is very interesting technology to use these days and is very flexible. Another eye-catcher on the list was blockchain. Some coin-mining colleagues were striving for insider tips from pro’s, but there is so much more in blockchain technology, than solo cryptocurrencies! And the world is starting to notice that. Case study on IOT (internet of things) was another stunning experience on unique project on SK market where many devices were installed and this technology offers brand new possibilities for operating and monitoring of devices, as well as collecting the data and (big) data analysis. More on this topic you can find out here. Detailed information about world of databases was presented on NoSQL DB lecture. We help our client with their data on various database solutions and development, so we are eager to find out about new trends and analysis here as well. Advanced technologies using AI and machine learning were introduced by our partner from Cognexa.

We were able to offer all of these workshops thanks to our brilliant colleagues, who were willing to share the knowledge and experience. All our lectures are free and open for all our employees – students, juniors, seniors, event back-office. Since new ideas and projects keep popping up, we can deliver more in the future. We train developers by developers bringing up the space for talent development and take a glance into the world of new technologies. Also… a beer and some refreshments helps to maintain friendly and non-formal atmosphere :).