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IoT solutions for machinery, equipment performance and outages.
A digital opportunity for better usage of industrial equipment and workforce

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is part of bigger IoT system.
Focus on devices and objects used in business environment.

Industrial IoT as a system includes:

Independence from the IoT network

Smart Sensors

Independence from device type


Market standards



Software and Applications

Info icon IoT sensors can be deployed at every stage of manufacturing floor for specific applications. These sensor networks continuously send data to the IoT gateway (IoT Business Hub) which receives and transmits the data to the application server for processing and analysis.

of IoT

Predictive maintenance

Industrial machines equipped with smart sensors are continuously monitoring the status of each major component (vibrations, power consumption, noise, temperature, …) and they can detect any critical issues before the system is completely down. Smart sensors will trigger maintenance warning to the centralized system and the alert messages will be delivered to responsible persons/groups. Maintenance engineers can analyze the data and plan for scheduled maintenance effectively without affecting routine tasks.

Digital twins

Shortcomings and faults in the final product increase expenditure and overburden employees in a manufacturing industry. Digital twins replicate the developing product in a digital form. Whereas, by retrofitting sensors, industries gather data about their product’s entire working mechanism and the output expected from each module. The collected data from the digital replica enables managers to analyze the effectiveness, efficiency and accuracy of the system. They can also identify potential bottlenecks in their product that helps them to create a better version of their product. Lastly, digital Twins streamline operations like asset management and failure management. It supports industries in forecasting the completeness of their baseline and successfully follow their deadlines.

Power measurement

IOT sensors can measure the power consumption of machines. The data collected can be used to calculate hours of operation and compared with the operator’s work report. Increased consumption may indicate a potential machine failu

How it works

How it works

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